DOCS / React and SafeCoin Web3js blockchain integration

Creating a React App

If you are new and you want to learn React you are in good hands !

Requirements :

Visual Studio code

Having basic knowledge in programming languages such a Javascript is highly recommended.

Why React ?

In one word : cross-platform. 

Let’s take an very popular app made with React : Netflix. By developing it on React (Javascript) it’s crossplatform by his nature. To deploy it on the Android Playstore you only have to embed it on a Webview instead of porting every functions, classes and layouts to Java. Same for iOS and C# desktop applications.

When compiling with React, your IDE is outputting a minified javascript file to use and embed.

In short terms : one developer can do quick portages instead of hiring multiples developers per required platforms and that means : speed and limited costs.

React is a framework developped by Facebook, his usage is growing exponentially among cross-platforms devs communities.

Since our blockchain have a Solana codebase and most of his apps are bundled with React for on-chains programs resources, understanding how it works will be beneficial for our ecosystem.

In this part you will learn

The basic and fundamentals of React :

  • Creating components
  • Use components
  • Create and use properties for reusability
  • Designing layout